Glocal Asian Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 苏州嘉雅仕信息服务有限公司
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Glocal Asian Solutions is a Chinese company, founded in 2020. It is currently led by Italian Management boasting over thirty years of experience in the carrying out of industrial, commercial and administrative operations in China.

Glocal Asian Solutions is a company whose business, in the People's Republic of China, is basically focused in two macro-areas: Business Services and Import-Export.

Glocal Asian Solutions business model is firmly based on the Western culture.

Thanks to the peculiarity of their systems, Glocal Asian Solutions operations are flexible and competitive.

Glocal Asian Solutions aim to put their experience and knowledge about the Chinese world at the service of their customers, to improve their business with no disappointments.

Glocal Asian Solutions


Which are your references?

Although our company has been established jus recently, our Managers have been working for decades on behalf of some of the most important multinational companies. Thus, their work and decisions are marked by principles and rules which are peculiar to criteria, modalities and procedures of a structured organization.

Why should I choose you as a partner for my business?

Because, due to the way we work and until it willl be disproved, we offer services with characteristics that no one else can offer. Because we are experts and “smart”. Because we are reliable, fast, flexible and competent.

Which guarantees can you offer to your customers?

Each business has its own characteristics and, therefore, each business will be carried out under its own appropriate conditions and guarantees. A famous Chinese saying, goes: 双赢 (pron. shuān gyíng) an it is also known as “WIN-WIN” in English. In a business relationship, all concurrent parts shall be satisfied without letdowns, if they want the business to be successful and proficuous for everyone.

Is your main problem

the difficulty to operate in China as far as trust and reliability of your local partners are concerned?

Response within 24 hours

Glocal Asian Solution is the key, because we speak your same language and we have the same cultural and professional approach to the problems.

Glocal Asian Solution can solve your problems in this way:

  • through a specific and careful auditing process, we verify potentials and reliability of your existing, or possible, business partners
  • we follow-up, support and survey the development of your business relationship with them
  • if suppliers, we check and inspect the compliance of your goods before they are shipped
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