Glocal Asian Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 苏州嘉雅仕信息服务有限公司
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Is your main problem

the difficulty to operate in China as far as trust and reliability of your local partners are concerned?

Response within 24 hours

Glocal Asian Solution is the key, because we speak your same language and we have the same cultural and professional approach to the problems.

Glocal Asian Solution can solve your problems in this way:

  • through a specific and careful auditing process, we verify potentials and reliability of your existing, or possible, business partners
  • we follow-up, support and survey the development of your business relationship with them
  • if suppliers, we check and inspect the compliance of your goods before they are shipped
Glocal Asian Solutions


Glocal Asian Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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